About the Photographer

Glenn Tuttle grew up in New York City suburbia, throughout his life dabbling in art and music; it wasn’t until 2001 after a near brush with death during a motorcycle accident left him with no short or long term memory that he discovered photography.  He started taking pictures to help him remember the people he had met and the places he had been on an everyday basis.  His short term memory would eventually improve during the following weeks and the long term in the following years, but this episode left him with a new passion.  Many people would say that he is very talented or that this was someone’s way of steering his life in the right direction, but Glenn, as modest as he is will tell you, “You’d be good at something if you did it ten thousand times too!”

       During the following years Glenn would shoot his friends and eventually start taking on clientele. He looks at the camera as a tool that captures emotions and feelings, not takes pictures.  He found that studying photography only gets you so far and began to study psychology and body language to further hone his skills in communicating something about his subject other than how they appear..

      He eventually would hit another speed bump in 2007. Leukemia.  After motoring through it for many months he was finally in remission.   You may notice some darker and some inspirational photographs throughout 2007 and 2008 as a result.