One Tire’d Baby

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I love this image, I feel that it truly represents the natural progression of my photography. The child in this image is of one of my closest friends daughter. It took hours to get, the baby that always sleeps wouldn’t sleep until after we wrapped up the shoot. As soon as she fell asleep we…

Unique Photo Expo

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I love pull models away from their job to shoot. This is a photo of Alex, half of the fashion weapon known as Twin-Bee.

Model Smurfasaur

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Had a blast meeting and working with model Smurf over the weekend.

Jessica Ashley’s custom Mickey Mouse Ears

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Jessica is one oh a handful of models that I work with on a fairly regular basis, as you can see from this image, she never disappoints. She fulfills one of my passions as a photographer…color! Jessica is a what I like to call, a “Super-creative” Her outlet is hair, fashion, and makeup.

A Nerdy Christmas

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Most of us will never let at least part of our childhood go, but I got to work with a very special model who was eager to relive it, at least for this photograph.

I love going through my old pictures.

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  How fun is this image?  

Christmas Photography!

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Let’s talk about Christmas, and all the holidays really. Photographs make good gifts, and professionally done photographs make great gifts! I offer a wide variety of options to help you get the perfect picture of yourself for family and friends!

Finally a new website!

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I’m still in the middle of adding content to it, but it’s basically up and running! If there’s anything you’d like to see here that you don’t already please hit that contact option and let me know!